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Kane and Two Mile Ranches


Our Mission: To restore and maintain the ecological and scenic integrity of the magnificent landscape north of the Grand Canyon known as the Kane and Two Mile ranches.

Spanning the lofty heights of the Kaibab Plateau, the sweeping vistas of the Marble Platform and the Vermilion Cliffs, and delving into lush river oases found deep in the canyons of Kanab Creek and the Paria River, the Kane and Two Mile Ranches encompass an area of tremendous ecological importance, significant social value, and spectacular beauty. The Grand Canyon Trust and The Conservation Fund jointly purchased the Kane and Two Mile ranches in 2005, with the goal of working with land management agencies to maintain and restore the ecological, cultural, and scenic values of this amazing landscape.  With the purchase of the ranches,  the Trust has committed to an inclusive, science-based approach to conservation of the Kane and Two Mile Ranches  landscape that brings together citizens, scientists, and government agencies in restoring public lands and catalyzes broader discussions about sustainable public lands management throughout the Colorado Plateau region.

Kane and Two Mile Ranches Project Goals

  1. Restore productive grassland, shrubland and forest ecosystems.
  2. Protect unique and sensitive natural resources such as springs, ancient forests and remnants of native grasslands.
  3. Restore and maintain thriving, viable populations of a full range of native species.
  4. Maintain ecologically and economically sustainable land uses to benefit local economies and support ongoing management activities.
  5. Promote inclusive, conservation-based land management by engaging citizens and local, state, tribal and federal government agencies.
  6. Manage livestock grazing in a manner consistent with restoration and maintenance of ecological and scenic integrity.